Fastest Zip Line at Zip World in Wales
Credit: Courtesy of Zip World

Is “fastest in the world” just not fast enough for you?

Zip World in North Wales already claimed the title of world’s fastest zipline with the Velocity, which opened in 2013. But last week, the adventure park opened the Velocity 2, a four-person zipline attraction that goes 25 miles per hour faster than its previous self-proclaimed record.

“The brand-new experience features custom made technology developed by our world class team, to increase speed, accessibility and comfort for our riders and spectators alike,” Sean Taylor, co-founder of Zip World, told The Telegraph.

The new Velocity 2 is capable of hurling passengers up to 125 miles per hour down a wire. It is the fastest zipline in the world and the longest in Europe. Because of its steeper decline (20 degrees), the Velocity 2 allows visitors to go even faster. Within 10 seconds, zipliners accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour. The zipline goes five miles per hour faster than the speed of falling while skydiving.

Zipliners will fly 500 feet over the historic Penrhyn Quarry. The Welsh quarry was the world’s largest slate quarry at the end of the 19th century but its production is smaller today. The mile-long quarry has slate which dates back 500 million years, according to Zip World.

The Velocity 2 is available to ride from £75, or about $85 USD, per person.