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A-List Travel Advisors

So you want to… make sushi in Tokyo. Take the kids on a scavenger hunt on the islands of Greece. Track tigers in India. Or sleep in an underwater suite in the Great Barrier Reef. We’ve got a travel advisor for that. In Travel + Leisure's 21st annual A-List, we bring you the world’s top vacation specialists, who can take your trip from enjoyable to extraordinary.

Featured Advisor: Julian Harrison

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This South Africa–born expert, who once worked as a safari guide, speaks Zulu and Afrikaans fluently and excels at adventurous safaris across the continent: walking through the Serengeti, paddling through the Okavango Delta, or assisting anti-poaching teams in their efforts at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya. He has written a Fodor's safari guidebook and has planned trips for illustrious clients such as Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.

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The U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean

A panoramic illustration with small scenes of a cruise ship near a volcano, two people in a canoe and someone picking fruit from a tree

Central America, Mexico, and South America

A panoramic illustration showing white water rafting, kings fightig with swords, two cyclists in a wine region and two people making pasta


A panoramic illustration showing people enjoy Asia with music, camel back rides, sushi and sport


A panoramic illustration showing scenes of people enjoying music, campfire foods and a safari vehicle

Africa & Safaris

A panoramic illustration with different scenes. Two cocktails, an archaeological dig and the Dubai skyline with a yacht

Egypt and the Middle East

A panoramic illustration with various scenes. A person watching two kangaroos, people enjoying an singer's performance and a massage with an ocean view

Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific

A panoramic illustration showing two people playing football or rugby, a massive cruise ship and a a smaller four sail ship


A panoramic illustration showing two people playing football or rugby, a massive cruise ship and a a smaller four sail ship

Special Interests

Travel Advisory Board

This group, which shares its industry knowledge with the editors of T+L, oversees tens of thousands of individual trips annually. While not all of these 27 experts personally look after clients, many do. The rest have teams who excel at orchestrating memorable adventures

About the A-List

Every year, Travel + Leisure editors evaluate hundreds of luxury-travel advisors to determine which ones will best serve our readers. If you are a travel advisor and want to be considered for the A-List, please email and to request an application.

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