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Throwing a suitcase together may sound like a no-brainer, but Travel + Leisure’s signature packing tips—culled from the combined wisdom of its well-traveled writers and editors—can always offer a few pointers to make the whole process better.We keep tabs on the latest in packing innovations (like machines that pack your suitcase for you), tips (like how to get your Thanksgiving dinner past airport security), and news (remember the time that man wore all his clothes at once to avoid a checked bag fee…and then passed out from the heat under all those layers?).Often the best packers are only as good as their luggage, so we also evaluate the newest carry-ons, checked luggage, backpacks, and laptop bags for style, sturdiness, and safety. We love dust bags for storing shoes and separating delicate items of clothing. Travel-sized jewelry holders help make sure necklaces don’t get tangled and rings don’t get lost. And new, high-tech suitcases have charging ports, GPS trackers, and other innovations to make packing less of a chore.Packing HacksWith additional fees for checked bags, most travelers aim to fit everything they need into a single carry-on bag. The best way to accomplish this is simply to pack light. By choosing clothes that all share the same color palette, you can mix and match garments to create new outfits with ease. Of course, there are a few tried-and-true methods of cramming everything you want into that one bag. Roll, don’t fold. And skip the bulky platform heels and extra jacket. (Or, if you must, wear them on the plane.) Stick to fabrics that won’t wrinkle. And limit yourself to just two pairs of shoes: one formal, one comfortable.T+L editors have also been known to layer dryer sheets in between items to ensure their freshness over longer journeys. For heavy bags, we like to put the weightiest objects on the bottom-end of a wheeled suitcase, which makes it easier to maneuver. Dry shampoo, of course, is a life saver.

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We’ve likely all been there: the dreaded moment when you realize your face wash, shampoo, favorite serum, nail polish, etc. has fully exploded in your suitcase, leaving permanent damage on clothing and valuables. It’s the absolute worst. We’re here to tell you: there is a solution to this terrible problem. While it may be small in stature, the humble toiletry bag is perhaps one of the most essential pieces of gear a traveler needs. For many, toiletries are arguably some of our most valuable (maybe even most expensive) and oft-used possessions, so it makes perfect sense that they need a safe home — wherein they won’t explode — while we’re off adventuring ‘round the world. Related: This Toiletry Hack Has Saved Me Countless Hours of Packing Time Whether you’re in search of a bag that has more pockets than you can count, a slim and sleek little number, or a clear makeup bag the TSA will like as much as you will, we’ve got you and your grooming routine completely covered.

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The sheer amount of cords, gadgets, devices, and assorted travel tech essentials that you’re required to carry on with you when you fly can be insufferable. First, there are the chargers: the phone charger, computer charger, battery pack charger. Then, the gadgets: headphones, tablet, smartwatch, phone, camera, portable power bank. Next? The travel items: passport, boarding pass, baggage claim ticket. Then, of course, the essentials: sunglasses, pens, lip balm, et. al.  Related: the Best Travel Wallets Digging through your handbag to find just one of these things in the moment when you need them can be anxiety-inducing and time-consuming. (If only our handbags could double as filing cabinets.) You’ll notice, however, that the well-seasoned travelers around you don’t typically experience this same moment of panic or delay. They’re cool and quick — gliding swiftly through the airport without pause or panic over the prospect of a missing iPhone. Their secret? A travel organizer that keeps all of their most important belongings in one place, untangled and hassle-free. We’ve rounded up the seven best tech cases to keep your travels quick and seamless, just like the pros.