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Need a trip idea? Whether you're a beach bum, adventure junkie, or devout worshipper of the weekend getaway: yes, there's a trip for that.

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The Most Affordable Destination to Buy a Beach House in the U.S.
It boasts beautiful sandy beaches, plenty of entertainment options, and the world's longest boardwalk.
Ibiza Is Still the Best Place to Party in Spain — but It's Also a Luxury Wellness Destination
 Before Ibiza was party central, visitors would come for its chilled-out, mystical vibe. Now the Spanish island’s New Age scene is having a resurgence.

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This Little-known European Train Is Called the 'Railway of Marvels' — and It Weaves Through Idyllic Mountains, Coastlines, and Towns

Beloved by Italians, the Cuneo-Ventimiglia-Nice railway, known as the "ferrovia delle meraviglia" ("railway of marvels"), connects the mountains of Piedmont to the Mediterranean, weaving between Italy and France in the process.