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Need a trip idea? Whether you're a beach bum, adventure junkie, or devout worshipper of the weekend getaway: yes, there's a trip for that.

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This Beautiful Island in North Carolina Has the Best Beach in the U.S., According to Dr. Beach Himself
It has some of the cleanest sand and water in the country — and was frequented by a notorious pirate.
What's New in London This Year — From Gorgeous Hotels to Chic Cocktail Bars
Whether you're visiting for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee or are just raring to return to London, these are the top new spots to check out.
Uber Is Now Available in European Island Destinations Like Santorini — Just in Time for Summer Travel
Uber just announced that UberX, Uber Black, and Uber Comfort services are launching across the Mediterranean and Balearic islands.

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