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When the same destinations appearing again and again in your social media feed—coworkers headed to Tulum for a break from the cold? Friends posting selfies from the Blue Lagoon in Iceland?—you might have discovered a travel trend. Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors pay close attention not only to the latest in popular destinations, but also to industry-wide trends like the growth of peer-to-peer rental services (such as Airbnb), the resumption of commercial flights between Cuba and the United States, or the shockingly high rates of unused paid time off for millennial workers. Learn about up-and-coming trends for consumers and for the industry.

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Black History Tours Are Finding a Broader Audience

After protests calling for racial justice, travelers are seeking out Black-centric storytelling in the places they visit.

Day Before Christmas Eve Saw Largest Number of Airplane Travelers Since March

More than 1.1 million people boarded airplanes on Dec. 23, according to TSA data.