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Each year, new travel products reshape the industry in modern, exciting ways. Take Travel + Leisure’s annual holiday gift guide, which surveys hundreds of travel-themed gift ideas, from designer backpacks to manicure sets, and condenses the selection down to only essential products. From the purely functional (raincoats, phone chargers) to the fanciful (hammocks, world maps), travel accessories exist to help ease your experience as you explore and appreciate a destination more fully.Send the perfect travel giftInnovative travel accessories make the ideal gift, no matter what time of year. Surprise your favorite jetsetting co-worker with a two-in-one leather wallet and passport holder. Or, send off your frequent-flying partner with a scarf that doubles as a blanket. The tech travel gear you needTravel + Leisure keeps a special eye out for all the latest happenings in the tech travel gear world. It’s how we keep our trips fresh, fashionable, and fun. We’re talking interactive, smartphone-synced GPS modules (so you can navigate through unfamiliar roads like a pro), WiFi-enabled DSLR cameras (for capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments—and immediately uploading them to Instagram), and HD video-recording drones (for catching all those tricky above-ground shots you can’t take yourself). Then there are those travel products that surprise with sheer ingenuity, like a three-in-one flashlight, portable speaker, and phone charger, or a smartphone accessory that lets you project movies onto your hotel room wall. Want to avoid that outrageous WiFi surcharge? Personal hotspot devices allow you to connect from anywhere in the world. Equip yourself with the latest travel gearLooking to boost your travel game? Thousands of travel products hit the market each year, a list that  can be impossible to comb through. Here, Travel + Leisure painstakingly profiles travel-specific accessories in order to bring you the most original, smart, and downright useful items to add to your wish list. Travel + Leisure-approved travel accessories span a wide range of categories, from robot luggage to all-weather shoes to—yes—travel-size cocktail kits. If it makes your transit experience better, we’ll get behind it.

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The Best Travel Cases for Keeping Your Tech Organized

The sheer amount of cords, gadgets, devices, and assorted travel tech essentials that you’re required to carry on with you when you fly can be insufferable. First, there are the chargers: the phone charger, computer charger, battery pack charger. Then, the gadgets: headphones, tablet, smartwatch, phone, camera, portable power bank. Next? The travel items: passport, boarding pass, baggage claim ticket. Then, of course, the essentials: sunglasses, pens, lip balm, et. al.  Related: the Best Travel Wallets Digging through your handbag to find just one of these things in the moment when you need them can be anxiety-inducing and time-consuming. (If only our handbags could double as filing cabinets.) You’ll notice, however, that the well-seasoned travelers around you don’t typically experience this same moment of panic or delay. They’re cool and quick — gliding swiftly through the airport without pause or panic over the prospect of a missing iPhone. Their secret? A travel organizer that keeps all of their most important belongings in one place, untangled and hassle-free. We’ve rounded up the seven best tech cases to keep your travels quick and seamless, just like the pros.
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