Pet-Friendly Hotels

Man’s best friend is also a part of the family, and travelers can expect a warm reception for all at the best pet friendly hotels. From intimate boutique hotels to grand luxury resorts, Travel + Leisure’s writers and editors keep an eye out for the best pet accommodations throughout the world, evaluating each on the basis of their rooms, service, location, food, and value to identify the hotels that treat furry friends just as well as their human guests.The Best Cat and Dog Friendly HotelsThere’s a world of luxury available for pet owners hoping to treat themselves—and their pets. At cat friendly hotels, litter service makes life a lot simpler, while at dog friendly hotels, owners can indulge in a spa day with their pup. Pet sitting, kennels, dog walking, and other forms of care are also often available. The best way to choose? Search for amenities that best suit your pet, whether it’s in-room extras like a plush pet bed, food or water bowls, or mats, or a thoughtful concierge who can point you to the best groomers, pet boutiques, pet-friendly restaurants, or dog parks.Avoiding Pet Accommodation Pet PeevesSometimes a hotel will charge an additional fee either per pet or per night. Others may also restrict the number or size of pets welcome at the property—a limit usually determined by weight—or even designate a set number of pet-friendly rooms, just as they do smoking rooms. When traveling across borders, it is helpful to bring along a copy of your pet’s health records—especially vaccines. Check in with your hotel ahead of time to make sure your pet meets its requirements.Looking for an outdoorsy hotel that caters to your furry friend? Dreaming of curling up with your feline in a cozy suite? Curious about pet-friendly travel packages? T+L will help you find the perfect destination for you and your faithful companion. Check back in for latest tips, news, and guides.