This Travel Tool Will Help You Plan Epic Adventures in 2023

Outdoor gear company Yeti's interactive platform is all about planning your 2023 outdoor adventures.

Yeti Holiday your "year in preview"

Courtesy of Yeti

As the year winds down, reflecting back on the past 12 months has become an annual societal habit. But premium outdoor company Yeti is flipping that idea around and challenging travelers and adventurers to look forward with the launch of its Year in Preview interactive platform. 

By simply answering a few short questions, the tool will auto-generate a 2023 calendar filled with outdoor events and activities curated just for your preferences. In addition to the itinerary, it also will pull together a personalized video so that you aren’t just thinking about the year ahead, but actually visualizing it. 

“The video provides a little tease of just how wild 2023 could potentially be for you and offers a fun piece of personalized content to share with your friends as you try and recruit them to tag along to the events you chose to add to your calendar,” Yeti’s chief marketing officer Paulie Dery tells Travel + Leisure.

With more than 130 events and seasonal activities selected by the Yeti team that can generate more than 600 unique video combinations, the result is one that truly feels tailored to you. 

Of course the brand, best known for its sturdy coolers and tumblers, is all about getting people “out in the wild and to make the outdoors, our communities, and pursuits more accessible to everyone,” Dery adds.

Users of the tool will choose from adventure categories including fish; hunt; snow; ranch and rodeo; BBQ; climb; and surf, as well as pick from preferred soundtracks of stampede, smoldering coals, northern lights, salmon run, and wave break.

Yeti Holiday your "year in preview" smartphone interface

Courtesy of Yeti

“We made sure to curate a list of events that appeal to fans with little-to-no [outdoor] experience, the tip of the spear hardcore outdoorsmen and women, and everyone in between,” Dery says. “ Many of the events included occur in some of the most beautiful locations Mother Nature has to offer, with plenty of opportunities for camping, hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. We hope Year In Preview will spark interest in these communities from newcomers and give fans encouragement to try something new in 2023.”

Within each of those events, Yeti’s team provides all the essential info to turn travel dreams into reality. “All fans need to do is decide the most important moments to them in 2023, recruit friends to join them, and book their travel and lodging,” he says. 

But it’s the mentality behind the platform — accessible via mobile devices or desktop — that is the true focus. “Everyone looks back at the end of year, but it’s the perfect time to plan and look forward to what’s coming,” Dery says. “We believe the best in human nature is found in nature, and we hope Year In Preview helps remind people of that belief throughout 2023 and encourages more people to get outdoors.”

Download Yeti's Year in Preview tool here, and for further inspiration, find T+L's best places to travel in the coming year here.


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