Travel + Leisure readers voted these the domestic airlines with the best customer service in the 25th World's Best Awards.


This year’s World’s Best Awards survey closed on March 2, just before widespread stay-at-home orders were implemented as a result of COVID-19. The results reflect our readers’ experiences before the pandemic, but we hope that this year’s honorees will inspire your trips to come — whenever they may be.

Whether you’re flying to Hawaii for a relaxing beach getaway or jetting off for a weekend in New York City, your vacation starts the second you step into the airport. The first hours of your journey at the airport and on your departing flight can set the tone for your entire vacation, so an airline’s customer service can have a huge impact on the beginning of your trip. Helpful gate agents and friendly flight attendants can take your flight experience from average to great, making the first leg of your trip a breeze.

Staff on board a Southwest Airlines plane
Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

Customer service is even more important if your plans go awry. No one wants to think about the worst-case scenario when they plan a bucket-list trip or family vacation, but that’s when you’ll need customer service the most. Flying can be a stressful experience nowadays — flights get canceled, bags get lost, and plans change due to causes beyond our control, so it’s reassuring to know that your chosen airline has a strong customer service department to take care of those issues for you should they arise.

For this year’s World’s Best Awards, we asked our readers to vote on the domestic airlines with the best customer service. In our top 5, you’ll find some of the nation’s largest carriers along with honorees that are consistently ranked among the country’s best domestic airlines. Southwest Airlines — known for its great flight deals, generous Rapid Rewards program, and Companion Pass perk — won the top spot this year as the domestic airline with the best customer service, according to our readers.

Travel + Leisure readers voted these the top 5 domestic airlines with the best customer service in the 25th World’s Best Awards.

Domestic Airlines With the Best Customer Service 

1. Southwest Airlines (incorporating AirTran)

Pilot boarding a Southwest Airlines plane
Credit: Courtesy of Southwest Airlines

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2. Alaska Airlines

Smiling Alaska Airlines crew
Credit: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

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3. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines gate agent
Credit: Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

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4. JetBlue Airways

Meal on board JetBlue
Credit: Courtesy of JetBlue

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5. Delta Air Lines

Smiling Delta Airlines staff
Credit: Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

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