Submerse yourself in history.

Colonial Williamsburg's Living Museum
Credit: Courtesy of Colonial Williamsburg

History reawakens in Virginia’s (and the country’s) most comprehensively reconstructed Colonial-era village. Wander down the streets of the historic town, chitchatting with early settlers making candles and casting horseshoes.

Colonial Williamsburg

Wander the cobbled streets of this national treasure. Try on period outfits (for a fee), learn to make cabinets or shoes, tour an old printing office, and ask costumed interpreters anything you want.

Chowning's Tavern

The revolutionary spirit prevails after 5, when 18th-century fare like Brunswick stew and Welsh rarebit are accompanied by colonial-style entertainment and family sing-alongs.

Colonial Houses-Historic Lodging

The 18th-century houses and taverns scattered throughout the historic village are retrofitted with modern comforts, bathrooms chief among them.