Take a trip to who-knows-where.

Salt Lake City Utah
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There's already an airline that will fly you to a surprise destination. Now there's a travel agency offering “surprise vacations,” planning entire trips for travelers without revealing the destination until they arrive at the airport.

Pack Up + Go, founded by Lillian Rafson, focuses on long-weekend itineraries to domestic destinations in the U.S.

How it works

You set a budget: Trips start at $450 per person for a road trip, and $650 per person for plane, train, or bus travel. Itineraries go up to $2,000 per person — for a truly indulgent three-day weekend.

You fill out a survey: When do you want to leave? What kind of vacation to you want? What recent trips have you been on?

Based on your answers, Pack Up + Go puts together an itinerary that could be action-packed — with outdoor sports and natural parks — or laid back and relaxing — with spa days and maybe a visit to the flea market. Travel time is kept under four hours.

The company wants to offer travelers spontaneity with minimal planning.

In the week before a trip, Pack Up + Go sends clients information about the weather forecast and recommends what you should pack, along with where to go and when to catch the plane, train, or whatever. There's also an envelope, and travelers are encouraged to wait until the trip begins to open the mysterious envelope, which reveals a city guide for the final destination.

Rafson founded the company when she was 23 with the hope of promoting travel to more American cities and encouraging people to see the country, according to Forbes.

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