Culture and nature in Maryhill, Washington.

By Travel & Leisure
September 10, 2012
Dennis Frates / Alamy

This tiny Washington town has the state’s most eclectic museum—but the stunning scenery of the Columbia Gorge also beckons. Its claim to fame is a full-scale replica of Stonehenge (really); take a snapshot to trick the folks back home. But the town is surrounded by beautiful nature, and you’d be remiss not to hike through the many trails of the 3,338-acre Columbia Hills State Park, set along the Columbia River.

Maryhill Museum of Art

Admire the Rodin sculptures and explore a full-scale replica of Stonehenge on the grounds.

Columbia Hills State Park

Hike the trails at Columbia Hills State Park, keeping an eye out for petroglyphs.

Goldendale Observatory

Head to the Goldendale Observatory for some guided stargazing.

Petite Provence of the Gorge

Start the day with omelets and crepes.


Dine on seafood romesco, linguine with clams, and Italian wines.

Balch Hotel

Rooms at the antiques-furnished, 1907 hotel have views over farmland and Mount Hood.