Driving through Truth or Consequences, Hillsboro, Kingston, and Silver City.
Silver City: Mining the Past
Credit: Mike Christy Photography

Hamlets around the Gila National Forest offer a glimpse of New Mexico’s silver-mining past. Start out in Truth or Consequences, then head west, passing through Hillsboro and Kingston, to Silver City, a bustling arts community with great shops and galleries. It’s a classic road trip: there’s a starting point and a destination, but the rest is up to you—and the family—to make up as you move along.

Drive Highway 152

Drive along Highway 152, between Truth or Consequences and Silver City, through the nearly deserted, former silver boomtowns of Hillsboro and Kingston. Each has numerous original (sometimes abandoned) buildings from the region’s late-19th-century heyday.

Diane's Restaurant

In a homey, vintage storefront in downtown Silver City, Diane's Restaurant serves eclectic comfort-food dishes like soy-sesame roast duck and smothered meatloaf with garlic-mashed potatoes.

Gila Hike & Bike

Hike & Bike has one of the area’s better rental selections.

Bear Mountain Lodge

Occupying a renovated 1920s hacienda, the B&B-style hotel has hardwood floors, Mission-style furnishings, and convenient access to the adjacent Gila National Forest.