Ancient ruins and more, near Winslow.

By Travel & Leisure
August 31, 2012
Alpha and Omega Studios / Alamy

One of Arizona’s cutest cities (yes, the one immortalized by the Eagle’s hit, “Take it Easy”), Winslow is also an affordable getaway. Drive the parcel of Route 66 that runs right through town. Here, you’re a stone’s throw from lots of activities. Explore prehistoric ruins, wander desert gardens, peer into a mile-wide crater, and, if it’s your thing, climb challenging rocks.

La Posada Hotel

This restored 1920s Spanish-Colonial property, filled with antique hand-carved Mexican furnishings and hammered-tin mirrors. The on-site Turquoise Room restaurant is known for its upscale southwestern cuisine.

Meteor Crater

The otherworldly Meteor Crater just east of Flagstaff is one of the best-preserved meteorite crash sites on earth (NASA astronauts have trained there before heading off on moon missions).

Homolovi Ruins State Park

See the prehistoric Anasazi ruins.

Casa Blanca Café

The family-owned restaurant is family-friendly and great for those who like their Mexican and New Mexican food hot. Order anything that’s fried; both the chimichangas and sopaipillas are superlative.