Hike among California’s old-growth trees.
Tour Redwoods in Humboldt County
Credit: © Jules Reuter

On Northern California’s Pacific coast, Humboldt County is all about the trees. It’s got miles of redwood plantations and protected old-growth preserves—more than 40 percent of all remaining old growth coastal redwood forests, to be exact, plus one of the oldest. Put on your (most comfortable) walking shoes, and hit the trail—there are plenty to choose from.

Samoa Cookhouse

This spot, once a lumber-camp mess hall, now feeds tourists three set-menu, hungry-man-portioned meals a day. (Cross your fingers for roast beef.)

Avenue of the Giants

Beginning about four miles south of the town of Scotia is the 32-mile-long scenic road called Avenue of the Giants (named for the redwoods that flank it), which runs parallel to Highway 101: don’t miss the Immortal, a 950-year-old tree that withstood a 1908 logging attempt (you can still see the ax marks).

Bishop Pine Lodge

The property offers 12 sweet, 1950s-style redwood cabins (with the “rustic” furniture straight out of the Drapers’ kitchen in Mad Men).