Southern Oregon’s thriving theater scene.
Shakespeare in Ashland, OR
Credit: © T. Charles Erickson

The play’s the thing in Ashland, home of the nearly year-round Oregon Shakespeare Festival, which draws more than 100,000 people every year. The town, which has about 20,000 residents and is located about 300 miles south of Portland, has also been garnering attention as of late for its budding restaurant scene.


The restaurant boasts a Napa Valley pedigree and such dishes as Columbia River sturgeon with Chioggia beets and savoy cabbage.

The Palm

Gorgeous gardens surround the retro-themed, 13-room hotel. Be sure to ask for one of the deluxe rooms—they come with their own breakfast nooks.

New Theatre

The quality of the productions here is uniformly high. Check out something modern here; this year, perhaps Sarah Ruhl’s well-regarded Dead Man’s Cell Phone.

Elizabethan Stage

Mix it up and take in a more traditional performance, too, at the open-air Elizabethan Stage.