The all-American family adventure vacation.

By Travel & Leisure
December 01, 2014
Classic Adirondack Getaway
Credit: © Whitney Lawson

The mighty Adirondack Mountains, which consist of 42 peaks that rise more than 4,000 feet, stretch through northeastern New York. Just about two hours northwest of Albany, a gem of a resort called Timberlock captures the rustic American ideal—think log cabins with gnarled wooden details, family-friendly activities, and easy access to the great outdoors.

Timberlock Hotel

Like your meals, lodging is simple but memorable—there’s no TV, and your light is by propane lam, but every unit has a lake view. Far from feeling deprived, you’ll be transported, especially when the rain dances on the roof of your cabin.

Timberlock Restaurant

True to the resort’s goal of togetherness, guests nosh side-by-side at long tables on a porch with views of Indian Lake.

Timberlock Outdoors

Timberlock resort is a haven for trail rides, canoeing on Indian Lake, and even workshop sessions where kids can help make a birdhouse or decorate picture frames with bark and other woodsy finds.