Unexpected romance in the Pennsylvania countryside.

By Travel + Leisure
May 15, 2012
© David R. Frazier Photolibrary, Inc. / Alamy

To truly get to know Amish Country, you have to leave behind the trappings of our frenzied modern age. Which shouldn’t be too hard, given the appeal of fields dotted with black-and-tan cows, horse-drawn buggies that move at a leisurely clip, and bonneted folks proffering freshly grown fare at roadside stands. All that peace and quiet makes for the ideal recipe for a love getaway for two.

King's Cottage B&B Inn

The Majestic Chambre has inlaid-wood furniture and a double whirlpool bath, which can be drawn for you and floated with rose petals while you’re at dinner. All rooms are equipped with fireplaces, and, on a practical note, come with free WiFi.

Aaron and Jessica's Amish Buggy Rides

Run by people of Mennonite and Amish descent, the tour takes you through the covered bridges of the Dutch German countryside to visit noncommercial working farms.

The Olde Greenfield Inn

Nuzzle in secret at one of only two tables in the wine cellar of this 1780 farmhouse, and choose from rustic dishes like the lamb rack Dijonaise and papardelle tossed with asparagus, wild mushrooms, and basil.

Hands-on House

Kids can try their hands at a pint-size machine-shop assembly line, or play in a make-believe grocery store.

Bird-in-Hand Farmers Market

Snack on homemade shoofly pie while shopping for souvenirs such as scented candles and old-fashioned candies.


If you have a big group (10 or more), join an Amish family, the Fishers, at their farm for a family-style dinner of chicken, mashed potatoes, and homemade ice cream.