Fishing tournaments on Florida’s Middle Keys.
Marathon Spear Fishing
Credit: David Lyons / Alamy

The 10-mile-long Marathon is set in the Middle Keys, which are close to the Florida mainland. Here, there are plenty of water-based activities, but the real draw is the suite of four fishing tournaments that are held each year. Check exact tournament dates with the tourist office or rent a charter if you want to go year-round. A bonus for adventurous fishers: Unlike everywhere else, spear fishing is legal one mile off land.

Marathon Tourist Office

Check exact tournament dates with the tourist office, or if you want to fish year-round, they'll help you rent a charter.


The restaurant has a screened-in dock porch overlooking the water and will prep your fresh-caught fish to order (save room for the doughnut-like honey buns).

Hurricane Grille Bar

Grab a beer and discuss the day’s haul at this rough-and-ready bar.

The Flamingo Inn

Brightly painted in retro greens and pinks, this classic motel has large rooms with kitchenettes and a vintage tiled pool with a basketball hoop for aquatic games.

Tina Brown

Fish with Captain Tina Brown.

Jim Sharpe

Captain Jim Sharp takes groups of up to six anglers on saltwater fishing expeditions in the Florida Straits with his boat Sea Boots. The boat's light weight and streamlined design make it agile in the quick-changing weather. Its high tower provides a good lookout for big game fish. Fishing expeditions can net snapper, grouper, mackerel, cobia, wahoo, tuna, sail, marlin, and shark. Tours are available from four hours to a full day, and extended tours can be requested. Anglers must bring their own food and drink, but bait, tackle, and licenses are provided.