An understated farming city surrounded by acres of orchards.
Budget-Friendly Fresno
Credit: Courtesy of Forestiere Underground Gardens LLC

Fresno, in the heart of California’s San Joaquin Valley, doesn’t have a glamorous image, but this city of a half-million is the bustling agriculture capital of California. And, there's plenty of affordable activities and attractions, from scenic hikes and underground gardens to authentic Mexican food.

Forestiere Underground Gardens

Explore the unique Forestiere Underground Gardens, a maze of subterranean passageways, courtyards, and grottos hidden from the hot Fresno sun.

Blossom Trail

In spring, drive—or bike—along the scenic, 62-mile Blossom Trail, which winds through abundant citrus, almond, apricot, and peach orchards.

El Rosal

This unassuming Mexican joint, serves delicious carnitas and carne asada.

Tahoe Joe's

Hit this affordable steakhouse and order the salmon with Knob Creek bourbon sauce.

Piccadilly Inn Shaw

Located in one of the city’s premier shopping districts, the inviting hotel features a fitness center, pool, and homey English pub.