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The Best Weekend Trips From Los Angeles

Los Angelenos like to point out how easy it is to get out of the city and into a totally different environment. “You can be on the beach in the morning and skiing in the mountains the same afternoon,” or something similar is often heard. And it’s true. Freeways, trains, and even boats or helicopters can transport us miles away for a complete change of scenery — and then back to Los Angeles by Monday morning. (Or maybe Tuesday — if you can manage to stretch out the weekend a bit and avoid that dreaded first day of the week.) Just a few hours north or south, wine growing regions offer tastings, tours, vineyard views, and inviting inns. You can leave the mainland for an island escape and hike up grassy hills to see a herd of bison, or bask in the desert sun during the day and party on the Las Vegas strip at night. Beaches, rocky shores, hiking trails, spas, and entertainment are all there for those looking for a rejuvenating getaway. We’ve put together some ideas for Los Angelenos who are craving a weekend escape — but these ideas will work just as well for visitors who have time for a side trip.
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Los Angeles Tour: Beverly Hills

Feel like Hollywood royalty in L.A.’s most luxurious neighborhood.
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