Thermal springs, from Ash Springs to Gold Strike Canyon.

By Travel + Leisure
August 31, 2012

Hike around and soak in some of the state’s 300 thermal springs. Two standouts: Set in the desert landscape of Pahranagat Valley, the pools of Ash Springs range from 80 to 92 degrees year-round and are surrounded by Cottonwood trees, cacti, and wildflowers. Not far away, Gold Strike Canyon is divided into an upper and lower area—and the latter has the most water flow.

Ash Springs

Located 108 miles north of Las Vegas, NV. Ash Springs is a desert oasis, part of a series of natural springs in the area, which sits in the middle of the beautiful high desert landscape of the Pahranagat Valley. Ash Springs consists of a small community and both Big Ash and Little Ash, natural hot springs which attract visitors year round. Ash Springs is home to Wild Rose Junktiques, the greatest little antique store you may ever find, where neither the shopping nor the friendliness can be beat! Ash Springs is a beautiful place to live, work, and play with seemingly endless possibilities.

The Brandin' Iron

This is one of the (very) few restaurants in town. An old-timey greasy spoon, it serves good-size portions and does breakfast best (consider breakfast for dinner).

Caliente Hot Springs Motel and Spa

Forget that it was once considered a destination wedding location for members of some polygamist sects in Utah; visit the hotel for its high mineral-content waters, which fill in-room spa tubs as well as the springs around the property.