Summer may be the season of long vacations, but fall is perfect for weekend getaways. It’s not just temperatures that are dropping this time of the year — airfare prices are going down as well, and deals are easier to find.

Plus, the number of visitors in some of the world’s most-visited places is not as bad as it is in, say, August, so you can finally take that selfie with “Mona Lisa” without having to elbow your way to it.

If you are craving a short break but are unsure of where to take it, Berlin-based travel search platform WeekenGo has released a survey that ranks the best cities to spend 48 hours.

The company looked at the 1,000 most-visited places in the world, as listed by the World Tourism Organization, and then ranked the first 100 based on criteria such as how easy it is to find accommodation, the number of green spaces, restaurants, museums, women’s rights, safety, LGBT-friendliness, and other factors.

So without further ado, the winner was *drumroll*: London. The English capital received a perfect score for all things entertainment — concerts, theater, cinema, and museums — as well as social for its bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Europe is clearly the big winner in the survey as Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, and Paris make up the top five. The only U.S. city that made it in the top 10 was New York City. San Francisco came in at 11.

Best Cities for a Weekend Trip

  1. London
  2. Berlin
  3. Vienna
  4. Hamburg
  5. Paris
  6. Amsterdam
  7. New York City
  8. Munich
  9. Barcelona
  10. Madrid

The top non-European and non-U.S. city on the list was Tokyo, at 12, showing a bias frequent in global travel rankings.

While this list indicates the overall score for each city, WeekenGo also broke down the destinations by different types of travelers — millennials, families and baby boomers — and the results vary slightly. According to the survey, millennials would be more interested in Berlin, London, and Amsterdam for their next weekend getaway, while Zurich, Vienna, and Hamburg are better for boomers. And if you have kids, the Austrian and Dutch capitals, followed by Prague, were ranked highest.