You Can Now Visit the Northern Point of the Bermuda Triangle

Located at Albuoy’s Point in Bermuda's capital city of Hamilton, a new triangular sign marks the spot.

Albuoy Point in Hamilton, Bermuda

Courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Authority

The island of Bermuda is leaning into its air of mystery by commemorating the location of the supposed Bermuda Triangle, where it's believed 50 ships and 20 planes have vanished without explanation. as its tourism board shared a post about its new plaque on its Instagram account this weekend, touting it as the “official Northern Point of this legendary mystery.”

Located in Bermuda's capital city of Hamilton on Albuoy’s Point, a triangular park that juts into the Hamilton Harbour off Front Street was formally memorialized as a landmark this summer. The area within Point Pleasant Park is marked with the plaque and a sign with a QR code, directing visitors to learn more about the the unexplained disappearances that have occurred in the area, as well as encouraging them to take their own photos at the site and tag #TopOfTheTriangle.

“Whether the Bermuda Triangle a manufactured mystery or a paranormal force at work, there is no doubt that it’s fascinating topic,” Hamilton's Councillor John Harvey said in July. “[It] is also one of the things we are most often associated with, perhaps second to our famous Bermuda shorts.”

Officials hope that the bronze plaque will serve as a new landmark for visitors to seek out on the 21-square-mile island, also known for its pink sand beaches, stunning caves, fish sandwiches, and 300-plus shipwreck sites — another sign that might point to the mysteries of the intangible triangle. 

While Bermuda — located less than a two-hour flight from New York — bears the namesake of the Bermuda Triangle, it is only home to the northern point. The southern point of the triangle is Miami, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, is the southeast point, according to the new plaque.

“Learn all about the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where a number of aircrafts and ships are said to have gone missing under questionable circumstances,” Bermuda said in its Instagram post about the plaque.  

The park is also now the location of the sculpture Against Da Tide by Bermudian artist Bill Mussey Ming, which is part of the island’s African Diaspora Heritage Trail.

For those keen to learn more about the Bermuda triangle, the island’s own Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute’s Ocean Discovery Centre’s Bermuda Triangle: Unlock the Secrets exhibit documents theories ranging from those rooted in science and history to those more in touch with the supernatural (yes, it even has an alien display!). The centre even offers a Bermuda Triangle Tram tour to visit sights around Hamilton. 


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