Commence wanderlusting.

By Melanie Lieberman
February 19, 2017

While U.S. citizens can’t quite take a beach vacation to the island nation, relaxed regulations have made it increasingly easy for Americans travel to Cuba.

Whether you’re visiting for journalistic, educational, religious, purposes, or a people-to- people experience, a journey to Cuba promises to be memorable. Tourists can find themselves behind the wheel of those iconic vintage cars, or sample those famous Cuban cigars.

This is the Cuba—beautiful, sensual—captured by French filmmaker Kevin, of Face du Monde, on a two-week Cuban road trip. His travelers took him beyond the country’s pristine beaches to the must-see cities of Holguín, Baracoa, Santiago de Cuba, Camagüey, colonial Trinidad, and kodachrome Havana.

And now that Americans can book flights directly with domestic airlines, it’s easier than ever to experience these places for yourself.