The short film is underscored by the song “I Love Paris.”

By Christopher Tkaczyk
September 07, 2016
Paris Rooftops
Credit: Tom Eversley

A new viral video of a mysterious woman tumbling over the roofs of Paris perfectly captures the city’s romance, style, and bonhomie.

It opens with a shot of the woman inviting the viewer to follow her as she enters an apartment overlooking the famous cityscape.

Wearing a black dress, tights, and white and pink sneakers, the young woman darts out a window and then shimmies a drainpipe to escape to the roof. The camera follows her daredevil aerialist adventures as she leaps from building to building, jumps in and out of open windows, and barges in on unsuspecting Parisians.

The short film is underscored by the song “I Love Paris,” as performed by Vanessa Paradis. In the final frames, the words “attrapez-la si vous pouvez”—or “catch it if you can”—appear on the screen, revealing it to be an advertisement for My Little Box, a monthly delivery of beauty and gift samples sent to subscribers, similar to Birch Box.

The advertisement was posted on Facebook by the Paris-based fashion and beauty website, which sends users weekly e-mail updates on cultural offerings and shopping deals in the French capital. The credits don’t reveal the identity of the acrobat, who looks like a cross between Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tatou. The original post simply reads “Parisienne acrobate sur les toits de Paris,” or “Parisian acrobat on the roofs of Paris.”

This vignette may prove to be a much-needed jolt of interest in the City of Lights as it continues to recover from last November’s terrorist attacks. It is estimated that the city has lost $846 million in tourism revenue so far this year.

In the first 36 hours the video was posted on Facebook, it garnered 10 million views. Many of the comments to the original post questioned whether or not a stunt double was used, while others have professed their affections for the unknown woman.

Christopher Tkaczyk is the Senior News Editor at Travel + Leisure. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram at @ctkaczyk.