Let’s be honest—New Zealand doesn’t have one bad angle.


Ready to fall in love with Kiwi country? After one swooping panoramic, you’ll see why this destination Down Under is such a popular place to go.

“I was out exploring New Zealand [with] photographers at their favorite spots to take photos across the nation,” said Oren Schauble, the cinematographer who created this incredible video and showcased the unique viewpoint drones are providing.

What Schauble filmed with his 3D Robotics drone—dramatic, volcanic landscapes and gravity-defying rock formations, utopic beaches, verdant grasslands, and waters so impossibly blue they hardly look real—is so otherworldly it’s hardly a surprise blockbuster hits like The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and The Chronicles of Narnia were shot here.

Of course, this video is just a glimpse of what the rugged country of New Zealand can offer travelers. “I focused on areas within driving distance from Queenstown and Auckland,” Schauble told Travel + Leisure. “We barely scratched the surface. There were weeks worth of locations left to shoot in New Zealand.”

If you’re planning a trip to New Zealand (or are looking for more highlights to Google image), check out the luminous limestone caves on the North Island lit by glowworms, or any one of the country’s countless wineries. New Zealand even boasts a World Heritage site covered in vast ice fields.

We know all of this is giving you wanderlust. So while you’re waiting for the next great airfare deal for a trip to Hobbiton, you can watch all the dreamy New Zealand videos on an infinite loop.