By Tom Samiljan
February 29, 2012

Chances are, during your last getaway with the family, you shot a lot of video. Most likely it was taken using a smart phone, but it was probably never edited before it was shared. The recent explosion in video-sharing apps—which promise to do for short clips what picture-sharing apps like Instagram and Path did for still images—means there’s no longer any excuse. These apps let you shoot videos and customize them with a variety of filters to change the clips’ look and feel. Most important, they also allow for one-touch sharing to social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

With more than 3 million downloads so far, Socialcam has the largest community and lets you follow and be followed, Twitter-style, by both close friends and complete strangers, depending on your privacy settings. It also allows for unlimited video length and storage. The widest variety of filters and features are available on Vlix, which has everything from stop- and reverse-motion to Super-8 1970-style; Vibop (specializes in flashy intros and downloadable effects à la Hipstamatic); and Viddy (lets you add Muppets characters to that New Orleans street scene). Can’t decide between a picture or a video of you in front of the Trevi Fountain? With Glmps, you can have it both ways: the app captures the first five seconds just before a photo is taken, and gives you the option of sharing it as a mini movie of sorts.

Oh, and don’t forget: make sure to share those files via Wi-Fi when roaming abroad, or there could be a feature-length-size cell phone bill waiting for you when you get home.