The hills are alive.


Very few people get to see the gorgeous, snow-capped Swiss Alps from above. But this amazing drone footage offers anyone a thrilling view without leaving your seat.

The short film, “Elevations,” was shot by Montreal-based Swiss physicist Gabriel Kocher, who also works as a racing drone pilot. The drone races over the rocky landscape, passing sharp peaks and flowing waterfalls, as well as capturing dizzying 360 degree views.

According to The Telegraph, Kocher filmed the video while he was hiking through the Swiss Alps last month. Kocher used a custom-made “first-person” racing drone that he built himself, which simulates the feeling of flying a plane to the viewer.

“In contrast to regular camera rigs, this kind of machine brings through all the control movements made by the pilot, capturing much more of the sensation of flight,” he told Digital Trends. “Its very high power-to-weight ratio - around 8:1 - allows it to get very close to obstacles and acrobatic flights.”

This isn't the first time Kocher has captured the Swiss peaks with a drone, but the drone views never fail to impress. You probably couldn’t get closer to flying through the Alps if you sprouted your own wings.

More of Kocher’s video work can be found on his YouTube channel.