Fashionable, modern, and steeped in history: just like London.


Follow Jeremy Jauncey, the founder of Beautiful Destinations on Instagram (and avid-traveler), to London—a city he called home for a decade.

England’s capital is easily recognized by the landmarks that pierce its skyline: Big Ben, the Shard, and Tower Bridge, for starters. Steeped in history, and yet one of the most modern cities in the world, London is a destination that is both “old school” as well as “new school,” as Jauncey put it.

Like London’s most famous monuments, The Savoy hotel is itself an icon, with its gleaming Art Deco facade and a laundry list of famed patrons, including Churchill, and Chaplin, Monet and Monroe. It’s simultaneously classic and contemporary, with vintage touches like rotary phones and Toile de Jouy wall coverings set seamlessly alongside LCD televisions and Wi-Fi.

The most successful hotels, however, are the ones that make you feel at home (think: personalized writing paper). No matter where on Earth you are, or how long you’ve been on the road, you should bed down in a place that is warm and, somehow, familiar.

“The places I feel most at home evolve,” says Jauncey, “all while staying true to their roots. That’s what makes an icon. The right location, great energy, unparalleled service—that’s what I really appreciate.”

Cocktails inspired by London boroughs (like a two-drink sharing cocktail, Pickering Place, served with a silent short film) at the famed American Bar are almost as good as The Savoy’s perch on the River Thames. The hotel certainly boasts some of the most Instagram-worthy views; after all, Monet spent six months painting the sun rising over the Waterloo and Charing Cross Bridges from a fifth-floor balcony.