We've got knowledge envy.

Nate is five years old. And, like most five-year-olds, he fixates on his hobbies. But while some five-year-olds may rattle off facts about Spider-Man or Frozen or their favorite book, Nate is passionate about geography.

The five-year-old made an appearance on Ellen last week to show off his knowledge of the world.

The preschooler is capable of naming the flags of every country and naming countries by their borders — which host Ellen Degeneres put to the test by holding up flashcards. Nate was able to name the flags of Estonia, the Maldives, and Kazakhstan, and identify the borders of Djibouti, Guatemala, and Kuwait — putting even the most knowledgeable of travelers to shame.

“Is this fun for you?” Degeneres asked her guest. “It is really fun!” he replied while bouncing on his knees.

Nate is also into cartography and drew some of his own maps, which he presented on the show. Nate’s maps feature a symbol on each part of the world to signify unique features. On Antarctica, he drew a penguin and in Africa, Nate placed a tiger. On Russia, he placed a small figurine to represent Donald Trump because “Trump likes Russia,” he said.

At the end of the segment, Degeneres gifted Nate — who wants to design cars when he is older — a tricked-out play car, complete with globes for wheels and various flags.

It may be time to take a refresher course in geography.