By Erika Owen
September 17, 2015
Go Pro Video
Credit: VedPHOTO.COM via New York Times

Two years ago, a space-bound weather balloon was sent off on its adventure with a GoPro in tow. After about one-and-a-half hours of fly time and more than 98,000, the weather balloon burst, sending the camera plummeting back down to Earth—but not before it caught some pretty amazing footage. The camera's task was to capture video of the Grand Canyon that could be later experimented with using a new camera technique called fluid lensing—essentially a process to clear optical distortion from photographs—that was created by one of the team members that launched the balloon.

Years later, the camera was found 50 miles away from its origin, intact (for the most part). An AT&T agent traveling through the desert discovered the video camera. We can only imagine the faces of the Stanford students who facilitated the weather balloon trip when they got their camera back—and then after they saw the footage they had captured. Check it out below:

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