This could be the most unique scuba dive of your life.


Cenote Angelita, just south of Tulum, Mexico, has a secret, underground river where the most experienced scuba divers go for a serious adventure.

Cenote is derived from the Mayan word dzonot, meaning “sacred well.” And Cenote Angelita is particularly special, as its entrance is found through a 200-foot deep opening deep within a Mexican jungle.

To find the cenote, divers must swim 100 feet down using dive lights to see through the dark, foggy waters. Once they finally reach the bottom, they discover the cenote, which looks like an incredible underwater river. There are also trees surrounding the cenote, just like a hidden, subterranean forest.

After discovering the cenote, divers can swim, fish, or just lounge around the secret pool.

Its that thick layer of fog — some three feet of hydrogen sulfates — that separates salt water from fresh water, creating the illusion of an underground river. The hydrogen sulfates are so heavy, the fog actually moves independently of the waters that surround it, creating the illusion of a river current.

The result is nothing short of magical — and a compelling reason for avid divers to book flights to Tulum immediately