Throat-singing isn't for everyone, apparently.
Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, and his wife Camilla Bowles, the Duchess of Cornwall laugh UK
Credit: Tim Graham/Getty Images

Prince Charles and and his wife, Camilla, proved they are just like the rest of us mere mortals on Tuesday when they simply could not contain a giggle fit while watching a traditional throat-singing ceremony in Iqaluit, Canada.

The royal duo was on hand for the country’s 150th anniversary celebration on July 1. During their royal tour, the pair stopped to watch two Inuit women perform a katajjaq, a traditional throat-singing activity often performed by a pair of females, according to Metro.

Throughout the performance, Camilla kept her face shielded with a scarf and large sunglasses, but the extra fabric couldn’t hide her bright red cheeks and shaking shoulders as she attempted to hide her laughter.

Meanwhile, her husband, Prince Charles, tried to keep his famously stiff upper lip in place, but his wife’s tearful laughter appeared to get the best of him as he gave in and cracked a smile, too.

It's difficult to watch the video without catching a case of the giggles yourself, but not everyone found the pair’s behavior appropriate. As many British tabloids noted, the katajjaq is an extremely difficult skill to master, and the duo’s laughter might be seen as highly disrespectful to the indigenous people’s traditions.

However, while on his official trip, Prince Charles noted the “importance of their indigenous traditions and the vision and drive that helped shape this extraordinary nation.” The Prince added, "I pray that the celebration of 150 years of Confederation will encourage all Canadians not just to look back with pride, but also to look forward with hope and inspiration."