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Almost everything is a little more interesting when a celebrity is doing it. Even when they’re coming out from the gym or grocery store, the stars, well — they’re both just like us and not at all like us. Travel takes these similarities and differences and throws them into even starker contrast.After all, if watching a celebrity ponder over the produce section is interesting, what about seeing their incredible vacation photos? Travel + Leisure is the first to know when your favorite star has checked in to the world’s most insane private island retreat, flown first class in an over-the-top suite, or had to rough it in economy with the rest of us.Travel + Leisure’s celebrity videos run the gamut, from an explainer breaking down just how much it costs to vacation like a member of the Kardashian family (up to $17,100 for a single day in Dubai), to a clip of the U.K.’s Prince Charles and Camilla giggling during a performance of katajjaq — an Inuit style of throat singing — in Iqaluit, Canada (not so regal).What’s is Rob Lowe, of “Parks and Recreation’s,” up to while he goes paddleboarding, anyway? (Spotting — and Instagramming — two great white sharks in the wild, as it turns out.) And what exactly is “Modern Family’s” Sofia Vergara’s favorite pool float? (An Intex Inflat-A-Bull, of course.)Travel + Leisure also investigated how Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell spent her vacation in Greece, and checked out the new commercials Charlie Sheen made for Hostelworld — as well as the new safety video for British Airways featuring Gordon Ramsay.You can even check out T+L’s exclusive videos for a chance to hear James Cameron talk about how New Zealand’s flora and fauna have influenced his Avatar franchise.With the rise of social media, and Instagram especially, there are more celebrity videos than ever before. T+L is here to help you find the very best: from practical tips (thanks for the float rec, Sophia) to sneak peeks into the travel lifestyles of the rich and famous.

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