Videos are perhaps the most efficient way to communicate the atmosphere—the intrinsic feeling—of a place, a time, or a thing. Whether trying to capture the panoramic sweep of the Grand Canyon or the exact process of fitting all those clothes in that one suitcase—words, audio, or still photographs can’t do it as well or as fast. As technology has changed, making it easier for travelers to make their own videos and to watch them from anywhere, videos have become an increasingly useful medium to communicate travel stories and tips. Also, cute animals. Travel + Leisure’s video team interviews experts, artists, and celebrities on their travel experiences and presents clear how-to videos for complicated travel tasks. Check out our video tours—by air and by foot—of some of our favorite destinations. Watch as we ask a director about her favorite landscape to film, rock legends on their beloved hometown dives, chefs on their new cooking shows. Teach yourself something new with our instructional videos: how to pack for a weekend getaway, a winter trip, or even a destination wedding. Explore from the comfort of your own home (or at least your own phone) the streets of Beijing or the airborne views of Istanbul. Discover the top five things to do in cities across the world, from Sorrento to Hanoi.For home videographers who love to GoPro, strap on your cameras.Travel + Leisure has the latest information for people who love to record their journeys with more than just postcards. The gadget has developed a reputation for adventure travel in particular: think skydiving, cliff jumping, mountain climbing, or even snorkeling.Whether you are watching one of T+L’s videos, or making one of your own, videos inspire, instruct, and impel travelers forward. And what’s more exciting than that?
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