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Valerie Ann Wilson

A-List Travel Agent: Valerie Ann Wilson

Photo: Courtesy of Valerie Ann Wilson

Valerie Wilson Travel

New York, NY, United States

Tel: (212) 532-3400



Thanks to her 30-plus years of experience, Wilson is a passionate and outspoken force within the industry. She sits on half a dozen travel advisory boards and has published two books. Her top-notch agency (now under the leadership of Wilson and her daughters, Jennifer Wilson-Buttigieg and Kimberly Wilson Wetty, also on the A-List) keeps hiring and growing its client base. She’s particularly excited to be recruiting a new generation of agents: “We seek out young people who have a passion for travel and customer service,” she says. “It’s an opportunity for us to mentor and get them involved in a terrific, long-lasting career.”

Excited About: Once-in-a-lifetime trips keep pushing geographic and experiential boundaries. Right now Wilson’s agency is working on a South Pole exploration, a handful of around-the-world trips by private jet, and a 21-day itinerary that hits every major safari country in Africa.