This Genius Travel Cable Charges Up to 4 Devices at Once — and You Can Get 2 for $15

“Not only does it make packing so much easier and beats traveling with multiple cables, but I’ll never be that person hogging all of the outlets in the airport or at a cafe.”

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USAMS Multi Charging Cable 2 Pack Tout

According to a survey, the average traveler brings two to three devices with them. And, if you’re someone whose in-flight entertainment comes from streaming movies on their laptop, listening to music on their smartphone with wireless headphones, or reading books on their tablet, you’re going to need a versatile charging method to keep the battery lives of your gadgets full. Thankfully, shoppers have found the perfect travel hack in the Usams Multi-Charging Cable

The multitasking charger, which connects via USB to your portable charger or power bank, was first spotted by Commerce Associate Editorial Director Susan Brickell, who added it to Travel + Leisure’s editors’ picks column last month. Since she previously owned a similar cord that broke, she was on the hunt for a replacement and thought this option would be “incredibly useful for both my remote work lifestyle and travel.” But, truth be told, she was impressed by the more than 7,000 five-star ratings.

The Usams Multi-Charging Cable can charge up to four devices simultaneously and is equipped with three different types of USB ports (two lightning ports, micro USB and type-c) so it can support multiple types of devices. Brickell noted that she’ll be able to simultaneously charge everything from her “iPhone to my iPad and Mac laptop to my Bose portable speaker” with the 4-in-1 cable. You can reference the charger’s handy chart to see the complete list of compatible devices and which cord matches each one. 

USAMS Multi Charging Cable 2 Pack

To buy:, $15 for set of two

It’s also worth mentioning that the Usams Multi-Charging Cable comes at an amazing deal for Amazon shoppers. For just $15, you can get two for the price of one, giving you eight USB ports for all of your charging needs. Further singing its praises, Brickell added, “Not only does it make packing so much easier and beats traveling with multiple cables, but I’ll never be that person hogging all of the outlets in the airport or at a cafe.” 

The Usams Multi-Charging Cable's performance is also enhanced with its durable aluminum alloy wires, which are encased in a flexible and equally tough nylon braided shell so you don’t have to worry about fraying and tearing. This also makes the cable more durable and resistant to heat and corrosion, thus ensuring long-lasting usage. Brickell is hopeful thanks to the convincing Amazon reviews that this one will have a much longer lifespan than her last mult-charging cable.

For added convenience, the cord measures 4 feet in length so you still have free range of movement when your devices are connected. Plus, each cable is color-coded so you can easily differentiate them, even when you’re on the move. 

USAMS Multi Charging Cable 2 Pack


To buy:, $15 for set of two

The Usams Multi-Charging Cable has earned a stamp of approval from Amazon shoppers, with many praising its travel-friendly design and fast charging capabilities. One reviewer wrote, “A fellow traveler showed me this cable. It has taken the place of four other cables and simplified my life. I travel most of the year and appreciate anything that reduces weight and stress.” Another traveler shared, “[I] love the flexibility to charge any device I have without hunting for the correct adapter.” 

According to a customer that has been using the Usams charger daily for almost one year, there has been “no fraying,” and they added that it “comes in handy for all devices and friends’ [devices].” Another shopper chimed in, “In the car, two people can charge at the same time, nice for long road trips.” And a final buyer commented, “The cord is actually pretty fast in terms of charging power, noticeably faster than regular charging speeds.”

And, if you’re like this reviewer, who shared that they live in a “mixed household of Apple and Android products,” the “durability of the cords are on par and we are able to find a charge source quickly, no more hunting for different cables.” 

We have a feeling the Usams Multi-Charging Cable is going to be a game-changer for your travel game. Grab the cord at Amazon today ahead of your next trip or to simply have it at the office.

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