This Uber Feature You Never Knew Existed Will Add Another Layer of Safety to Your Trip

Turning this setting on will help ensure you're always in the right car.

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While Uber has built in safety measures upon booking, this additional in-app setting can provide another layer of protection to a traveler who's in a new city or even just in their own town.

“If you use Uber, enable ‘Verify Your Ride’ in your settings,” creator Cathy Padrayes explained in a recent Instagram post. “It requires the driver to ask for a pin in order to start the trip, so you’ll know you’re in the right car.”

She further explains, users can choose to have the feature on at all times or just at night. 

Pedrayes — an author, who bills herself as “your internet mom friend,” with a feed filled with life tips to prove it — noted that all users need to do is click on “Account” then “Settings” and toggle “Verify ride with PIN.” Users then need to tap “Use PIN to Verify Trips” and can toggle “Night-time Only” if that’s what's prefer. Then, just don’t forget to click “Confirm” and “Save.” 

The ride-sharing app's website also noted that the feature can prevent riders from getting in the wrong car.

“Put simply, it’s an added safety feature that you can use to make sure you’re hopping into the ride you requested,” Uber explains on its website of the feature. “It’s easy to make a mistake and get into the wrong car, especially when it’s late at night, or you’re in a crowded spot and all the vehicles look similar.”

As for other Uber safety measures, riders have access to an in-app emergency button they can use if they ever feel in danger. The button will connect with 911 and show your live location, along with the vehicle’s information and license plate number, so you can share it with the emergency dispatcher. (Uber notes, “in a growing number of US cities, this information is automatically provided to the dispatcher.”)

There’s also RideCheck, which works for both passengers and drivers. The tool can detect possible crashes, if a trip veers too far off its intended course, or if you’ve stopped for an unusually long time. Want to make your next Uber journey a little safer? Check out all of the app’s safety features and how to turn them on at  

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