My Travel Wardrobe MVP Right Now Is This Flannel Shirt Jacket From Amazon — and It’s on Sale for $37

It’s warm, easy to layer, comfortable thanks to its oversized fit, and it has pockets.

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Uaneo Womens Plaid Shacket Button Down Wool Blend Fall Flannel Shirt Jacket Tout

My favorite thing about fall isn’t pumpkin spice, football, or even Halloween. It’s flannel. As someone who lives in the Midwest and also travels often, I turn to flannel when the weather cools down thanks to its soft, warm construction and because it adds a hit of style to my winter outfits. Recently, I added Amazon’s best-selling $37 flannel shirt jacket or “shacket” (as my Aussie friends who love to shorten words would say) to my collection. While I’d never heard of the brand before, I was sold after seeing how popular it was. 

Not only is this shirt jacket ranked as the retailer’s number one top-seller in the women’s wool and peacoat section, but it also ranks high in the best-selling blouses and button-downs list. In fact, it has more than 4,600 perfect five-star ratings. After scanning the reviews and taking into account that it’s 20 percent off, it didn’t take long to realize I probably wouldn’t be returning it.

Uaneo Womens Plaid Shacket Button Down Wool Blend Fall Flannel Shirt Jacket

To buy:, $37 (originally $46)

That said, I do have a disclaimer. Although the shirt jacket’s title says it’s a wool blend, it’s not. It’s actually made of 100 percent polyester (fun fact: flannel can be made out of polyester, wool, or cotton). But for me, polyester is a plus. Unlike a 100 percent wool jacket, this jacket is machine-washable and can even go in the dryer. It also doesn’t itch the way wool has a tendency to do. 

While this jacket isn’t as soft as flannel PJs or sheets, it’s thick enough that it’s warm and durable. Mind you, I’m not wearing it while performing manual labor. But, so far this shirt jacket has held up despite my schlepping it more than 4,000 miles from Montana to Europe. Currently, I’m visiting Porto, Portugal where it gets down to 50 degrees Fahrenheit at night. So far, this shirt jacket has proven to be the perfect outer layer. 

Uaneo Womens Plaid Shacket Button Down Wool Blend Fall Flannel Shirt Jacket

To buy:, $37 (originally 46)

While it doesn’t pack down into one of its pockets like my favorite puffer vest, I actually don’t mind carrying it around with me because it looks trendy when tied around my waist. I usually wear a neutral, lightweight breathable base layer — like my go-to Icebreaker top — and whether I’m wearing it or sporting it around my waist, this shirt jacket provides a chic pop of plaid. It definitely elevates my look from simple to stylish. 

Of course, when I travel, function is just as important as fashion. I like that this shirt jacket keeps me warm, and it also has four convenient pockets for stashing everything from my hotel key card to my hands. The collar is also greatly appreciated on particularly cool nights, and I love the long, shirt-tail hem in the back that covers my bum. It definitely balances out the look of skinny jeans or leggings. One of my go-to sightseeing outfits this October is this shirt jacket, a pair of travel-friendly fleece-lined leggings and my beloved Lucky Brand booties that seem to go well with any fall ensemble. 

Uaneo Womens Plaid Shacket Button Down Wool Blend Fall Flannel Shirt Jacket Author Photo

Travel & Leisure / Katie Jackson

In terms of fit, this jacket, which comes in sizes XS-XXL, is comfortably oversized. (I’m about 5’4 and 110 pounds and the XS fits perfectly.) You can even wear double layers underneath it if you need to. “I wore this for wine tasting on my birthday in March,” writo one reviewer who recently left a five-star rating. “It was about 48 degrees Fahrenheit outside and with a tank top and hooded sweater underneath I was warm enough.” 

Because it’s so versatile with layers, it’s definitely a three-season piece. I can see myself wearing it on chilly fall days, warm winter days, and cool spring days. Of course, since it’s so affordable and it comes in 12 colors, it would be easy to justify buying one for each season. In fact, one reviewer liked this shirt jacket so much, she owns three of them. And at a price point of just $37 right now, it would be easy to stock up on a few different colors of this plaid flannel jacket

Uaneo Womens Plaid Shacket Button Down Wool Blend Fall Flannel Shirt Jacket


To buy:, $37 (originally $46)

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