Flight Attendants Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves About Fliers

Here's hoping you're not guilty of these.

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In U.S. airspace alone, there are more than 45,000 flights and nearly 3 million passengers in the air a day, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And with that many people flying, it’s no surprise that flight attendants have some grievances — which were thankfully just aired on Twitter.

“Flight attendants, what’s your biggest pet peeve on the airplane?” a recent tweet from the account Two Guys on a Plane read. “We’ll start: passengers wearing noise-canceling headphones and yelling “what” when you try to speak to them.”

The account, which is run by two married flight attendants who, of course, met on a plane, is filled with feisty tweets calling out passenger behavior. Their post asking about pet peeves quickly gained the attention of fellow crew members, who shared their annoyances — possibly in the hopes people may pay attention.

Similar to their prompt, noise from devices proved to be a common issue.

“How about people who just don’t even wear headphones and play their videos, music, video games, kids movies for all of us to hear?” one Twitter user chimed in. 

And when it comes to carry-on luggage and seating, there were definitely some frustrations.

“Putting backpacks in overhead bins when we specifically tell people it's a shared space and intended for the big suitcases and to put them under the seat in front of them,” one Twitter user wrote.

"Switching seats without asking (when it’s assigned seating)," a fellow flight attendant added, with, "Just ask guys."

When it comes to use of the lavatory, one flight attendant called out passengers who throw “diapers, liquid soap bottles, wedding rings, and cell phones in the toilet. I’ve had to pull all kinds of stuff out of there.” 

And while stretching on long flights is generally a good thing, one user had a rather particular complaint of passengers exercising in the air.

“Galley Yoga. I absolutely hate it when people mistake our kitchen for a Yoga Studio,” another added “I once came back to the galley mid-service to find a woman doing a headstand. Uh, no...we work in here, thank you.” 

If you’re a frequent flyer or even getting ready to board a flight for the first time, the entire thread is worth a quick read. That way, you can step off the plane, say “thank you” and know you’re an A+ passenger. 

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