This Luxury Farm Retreat in Vermont Is One of New England’s Best Hotels — Here’s What It’s Like

The only thing better than the service is the farm-fresh food.

Exterior of the Twin Farms resort and property

Courtesy of Twin Farms

Crisp leaves crunched under the tires of our rental car as we approached the gates of Twin Farms, a luxury escape in the countryside of Barnard, Vermont. Relieved to have made it to the end of our five-hour journey from Brooklyn (us New Yorkers aren’t accustomed to driving long distances), I rolled down my window and pressed the button on the intercom, eager to check into our room and lie down.

“Welcome, Samantha! We’ve been waiting for you,” an excited voice came through the speaker as the gate in front of us opened onto a perfectly overgrown driveway. “How did they know it was us?” I asked my friend, Kate, who was in the passenger seat. We slowly pulled in, awing at the fairy-tale forest all around us. It was the start of fall, and the landscape was a blanket of green with pops of yellow, orange, and red scattered throughout.

A few members of the hotel team greeted us in front of the Main House. “Hungry for lunch?” one asked. “We have a table waiting for you in the Dining Room.” Kate and I looked at each other — our plans for an afternoon nap would have to wait. 

A guest room porch and bathroom at Twin Farms

Samantha Lauriello

We told our waiter we were after something light and refreshing and were promptly served honey-drizzled goat cheese with fresh greens from the on-site garden. We chatted with various members of the team between courses, getting the inside scoop on all of the must-do activities in the area. The goat cheese was followed by a classic Caesar salad topped with grilled salmon, and finally, apple crumble with ice cream and caramel-covered popcorn. 

“So, should we go for a hike?” I said to Kate as we finished eating. Somehow, a locally grown lunch and conversations with the expert staff were more rejuvenating than a nap.

The Twin Farms team was one step ahead of us from the moment we arrived on property. They anticipated our needs better than we could have done ourselves and customized our experience in a way that made it feel effortless. This is just one of the many reasons the property is consistently voted one of the best hotels in New England by Travel + Leisure readers.

An outdoor dining patio at Twin Farms

Samantha Lauriello

As we learned at that first meal, food is at the heart of the Twin Farms experience. The Main Dining Room serves three meals a day, including the hotel’s signature degustation menu, which is centered around Vermont’s finest ingredients. But with personalization being the farm’s speciality, the dining options are, in a way, endless.

Guests are able to picnic just about anywhere on the estate. On our second day, we opted to have lunch cozied up by a fire pit next to the pond. All we had to do was let the team know where and when we wanted to eat and choose from a menu of gourmet sandwiches and wraps (which came with wine pairings, of course). The team handled the rest, making sure everything was set up beautifully — rocking chairs, blankets, and all. 

A picnic and cheese board from Twin Farms

Samantha Lauriello

As if dining across 300 acres didn’t leave guests with enough options, the farm recently opened yet another eatery. Twiggs, an informal restaurant serving burgers, stews, and more, is meant to complement the elegance of the Main Dining Room. The menu is still centered around locally sourced ingredients, as is the nature of the farm, but offers dishes that create a more casual, relaxed atmosphere.

The opening of Twiggs signals the beginning of a new era for the farm. It’s the first rollout of a multiphase renovation. The Main House terrace will be expanded, making room for more outdoor dining. The iconic Japanese furo (or indoor soaking pool) will get a face-lift, including the addition of a rain shower feature. There are also a number of updates that are still under wraps.

Twin Farms has been wowing guests with its impeccable service and stunning grounds for nearly 30 years, and the ongoing renovations will only enhance the experience.

Interior of a dining room at Twin Farm

Samantha Lauriello

The end of any trip is unfortunate, but I was especially disappointed to leave the farm. Its home-away-from-home feel makes it the kind of place you could stay for weeks and be content.

The team knows no one likes to say goodbye, so to make things a little easier, you're given a picnic lunch for the road, complete with local cheese, sandwiches, fruit, dessert, and more. We took turns driving and enjoyed our final lunch, still amazed at the quality of the ingredients, even after days of eating them. (Tip: The takeaway chocolate chip cookies are not to be missed.)

Just like Twin Farms is one step ahead of you when you drive into the gates, it's also one step ahead as you drive off.

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