These Are the Strangest Items TSA Caught in Carry-on Luggage in 2022

Passengers attempted to conceal dangerous items in peanut butter jars, candy bags, and more.

There are many rules when it comes to airport security, but that doesn’t stop people from trying to sneak illegal items past the checkpoints, leading to some interesting catches in 2022 from fentanyl in candy to an actual grenade.

The Transportation Security Administration, which just released its most unusual finds at airport security checkpoints on YouTube, was on the lookout for drugs, guns, and other less common items (like a cattle prod) in 2022. 

In New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, TSA officers stopped a passenger who was traveling with two jars of peanut butter in a checked bag after the food triggered an alarm in December, according to the agency. Inside, officers found a disassembled .22 caliber handgun “that had been artfully concealed in what was packaged to look like two unopened jars of peanut butter.” 

In Milwaukee, someone tried to bring an inert grenade through security, and in Fort Lauderdale, a passenger tried to hide a gun inside a raw chicken.

“No matter how you stuff it, this is a Glock-a-doodle-don’t,” the TSA said in its video.

In Los Angeles, someone tried to hide fentanyl inside Skittles wrappers, leading the TSA to warn it “isn’t a trick or treat, but it is deadly.”

There are certain items that are always banned in carry-on luggage, like firearms, explosives, flammables, knives, razors, and replica weapons as well as liquids larger than 3.4 ounces. Others are permitted only in checked luggage, like axes (in case you’re heading out to chop some wood on vacation). 

Travelers who are unsure if their item is allowed can always check the TSA’s “What Can I Bring?” website, which includes a searchable list of both allowed and prohibited items. Additionally, travelers can ask the TSA about any specific concerns by submitting questions to “@AskTSA” on Twitter or on Facebook Messenger. Staff is available each day, including on holidays and weekends.

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