Don’t Have TSA PreCheck? This Is the Hack You Need to Know

And it only takes a few minutes.

If you've ever thought about getting TSA PreCheck but wanted to avoid going through the hassle of making an appointment at the airport, we (and some rather astute TikTokers) have great news for you. All you need to do is go to your nearest Staples. 

Recently, TikTok influencer sonomackenzie shared a quick clip of her TSA PreCheck adventure. 

"A little lifehack is that we just went to Staples and got TSA PreCheck," she said. According to Mackenzie and her partner, the entire process took about three minutes. 

"We went in, they took our fingerprints, took a mug shot, we confirmed our address, typed in our social security number, and we were out of there," she added. "If you're looking to get TSA and you're like, 'I don't want to go to the airport,' all you need to do is sign up at Staples the night before and go to your local Staples and get that TSA Pre. It's $85 and lasts for five years." 

Staples Travel TSA PreCheck at the Chapel Hill, NC Store

Courtesy of Staples

It really is as easy as she makes it sound. 

Start by searching for a participating Staples store near you by typing your zip code here.

Next, head to the government website to begin enrollment. (When setting up an appointment on the government website, be sure to look for "located inside Staples" to confirm you are selecting your desired store location.)

You likely don't even need to worry about bringing a passport photo with you as more than 1,000 Staples stores across the U.S. now offer same-day passport photo services. (Find a participating store here.) 

If, for some reason, your local Staples isn't offering the service, there are still more than 500 enrollment centers around the nation that can help. This way, you'll breeze through security asaccording to the TSA, 91% of TSA PreCheck passengers waited less than 5 minutes), and you'll never have to take off your shoes, belt, jacket, or take out your laptop at participating airports ever again. 

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