This Cat Was Found Hiding Inside a Checked Suitcase by TSA

“Come on meow!”

A TSA agent opening a suitcase and finding an orange cat inside at JFK

Courtesy of TSA

A cat hiding as a stowaway in someone’s checked luggage until it was (thankfully) discovered by Transportation Security Administration agents and rescued.

The orange cat was discovered hiding in a checked suitcase on Nov. 16 at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, having climbed in without the owner’s knowledge, TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein confirmed to Travel + Leisure. The cat was found after it went through the X-ray machine inside the bag along with what appears to be several bottles and a wine glass.

“A @TSA officer was shocked to find an orange cat inside a checked bag at @JFKairport after it went through the X-ray unit,” Farbstein tweeted. “Traveler said the cat belonged to someone else in his household. On the bright side, the cat’s out of the bag and safely back home.”

A TSA x-ray of a cat inside of a suitcase at JFK

Courtesy of TSA

Farbstein told T+L the traveler re-booked his flight for the next day. 

“We’re letting the cat out of the bag on a hiss-toric find,” the TSA tweeted. “This CATch had our baggage screening officers  @JFKairport saying, “Come on meow!”

The agency added: “Feline like you have travel questions reach out to our furiends @AskTSA. They’re available every day, from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. (ET).”

The fur of an orange cat popping out of a suitcase at JFK

Courtesy of TSA

This isn’t the first time a furry stowaway has been caught. Last year, a small Chihuahua was discovered after it snuck into its owners' suitcase. The dog, named Icky, was found thanks to an overweight bag when the owners tried to check in for a Southwest Airlines flight from Lubbock, Texas, to Las Vegas.

Travelers who do want to fly (knowingly) with their pets can do so, but policies vary by airline and often come with fees and breed restrictions.

But the TSA happens to have a helpful guide filled with equally adorable GIFs: “Taking your human on a plane: what every pet needs to know.”

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