The latest Canadian Club "Hide A Case" competition is now underway—without me. As you might remember from an item posted here last year, the company has hidden dozens of cases of Canadian Club in exotic locales around the world since 1967; most of them were discovered by adventurers thanks to the distillery's clues printed in magazine advertisements. Now four Americans and four Canadians have solved the latest series of clues and are headed for the island-nation of Tonga, where one of the few remaining hidden cases of C.C. whisky—and a check for $100,000—awaits the person who discovers the exact location.

The contest requires resourcefulness, intelligence, strength and the ability to drink copious amounts of whisky. No, no, just kidding. It doesn't require strength! Anyway, I have all those skills, I answered all the clues correctly, I submitted a video (required of all semi-finalists) and still I didn't get selected. Oh well, I guess I'll just go drown my troubles. I have a bottle of Canadian Club at home, somewhere, in a closet, I think. I tried finding it the other day… Meantime, you can follow the latest updates from Tonga.

Mark Orwoll is the International Editor of Travel + Leisure.