You Can Take an Online Meditation Class With Sheep (Video)

With Airbnb Online Experiences you can find your zen — with sheep.

Travel and in-person meetings may be shut down but that doesn't mean you can't still explore the world around you.

On Thursday, Airbnb launched its new Online Experiences, bringing many of its popular tours and activities to the internet. That includes magic lessons, coffee-making classes, bartending tips, and more. But, for those looking for less adventure and more relaxation, Airbnb is offering one unique experience you just have to try: Guided sheep meditation for a better night's sleep.

"This is a virtual, online experience with Hamish, Dougal, Benny, and Lochie the sheep. Although they're naughty sheep, this peaceful experience in our farmyard will help you to relax with breathing exercises and meditation," the listing reads.

Here's how the experience will go down: First, users will log on via Zoom and chat a bit with Beccy, the host and sheep's mom. "You will come with me while I feed the mischievous sheep in their cozy barn," Beccy writes.

Next, users will spend a bit of time with the sheep, get to know them a little, and get a quick tour of the surrounding farm.

Sheep in Scotland come with Airbnb Experience For Guided Meditation
Courtesy of Airbnb

"I will tell you some sheep stories, and you can ask me questions," Beccy says. "Please bring your own sheep fun fact to share, and use the chat sidebar to engage with fellow guests. These baaaad boys have appalling table manners, so you might like to join them with your own snacks."

Once the sheep eat, they typically fall fast asleep, which you'll do too after following Beccy's instructions.

"We'll take a cue from these cuddly creatures, learning some therapeutic breathing exercises to relax and virtually escape to the calm of our farm," she writes. "My yoga instructor daughter Rivkah will then lead a 10-15 minute mindful meditation with the sounds of nature to soothe you."

Want to give it a try? The hour-long session costs just $7, but you better book fast as it only accommodates up to eight people at a time. Sign up now for a more restful sleep tonight.

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