And I can't wait for my next appointment.

By Kendall Cornish
April 27, 2020
Credit: Courtesy of Getty

What is an acupuncture clinic to do in times of COVID-19 quarantine? According to NYC acupuncture studio  Area 25, it's guide clients through digital one-on-one acupressure sessions. I got to be one of these clients.

I'll admit I was skeptical of a wellness service done over webcam, especially one that typically involves physical contact with a therapist. And because I've only had acupuncture once (and, frankly, didn't particularly enjoy it) I had to go in with a fairly open mind because I had no idea what to expect.

Jessica Klein, Area 25's lead acupuncturist, started off by getting to know what's been up with my body and mind lately. She intuitively came up with 10 different pressure points for me to work in circular motions with light pressure. Starting with Yintang, the point found midway between your eyebrows, Klein went through each circuit, explaining the points, their connection to tendons, nerves, and channels in the body, and how they should be treated for optimal benefit.

The first circuit, made up of six points, relieved some muscular inflammation in my knee that I've been dealing with due to a minor injury from a few months back. The first point here was a few inches below and beside where the pain in my knee was. But the second I put pressure there, it was like I'd discovered the hidden marker where the pain actually was. According to Klein, this is because placing pressure on points within the same channels as where you're feeling the pain can address the inflammation more than massaging the site of the pain directly.

The other circuit (four points) worked to relieve anxiety — something I'm sure many of us could benefit from right now. Klein guided me through points that, to my amazement, actually did more to calm me immediately and for a sustained amount of time than the CBD I've been taking for the past few weeks. I was able to let go of the somewhat inevitable discomfort I typically feel during webcam calls and sink into the points thereafter.

Not only did each point completely surprise me with how powerfully effective it was, but I hadn't anticipated just how sensitive I would be to them with just the pressure of my hand. While I'm relieved to know I can feel an amazing amount of relief without needles, I felt so secure in Jessica's guidance that I'd absolutely pay a visit to Area 25 for acupuncture when it opens up again. In the meantime, I've been following the detailed plan she sent me after our session and practicing the points on myself daily.

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