By Nina Ruggiero
Updated: February 16, 2017
Courtesy of Geckos Adventures

Hotel gyms are one of the most underutilized amenities for a reason: Motivating yourself to work out on vacation is hard.

But what if you had a fitness trainer leave you a tailor-made exercise itinerary that incorporated some of the sites you wanted to visit during your trip anyway?

Geckos Adventures, a tour company that provides small group trips around the world for millennials, is rolling out a free new service for its customers who need an extra push to break a sweat. After booking a trip, travelers are invited to e-mail Geckos fitness consultant Brent Price, a travel agent turned personal trainer, who will create a personalized workout plan depending on your fitness goals and destination.

Courtesy of Geckos Adventures

“Physical activity has a profoundly positive impact on reducing stress levels, improving memory, and boosting your overall mood,” Price told Travel + Leisure. “Not only will being physically active allow you to indulge in things like amazing, guilt-free culinary experiences, but imagine being able to see places for the first time with the heightened senses that physical activity provides the human body.”

In order to make working out fun, Price says he will create programs that feed clients' sense of adventure and include bucket list-worthy sights and experiences.

“There is a big difference between experiencing Krabi, Thailand and being able to say you climbed 1,237 steps of the Wat Tham Suea to see the city from an incredible temple on the top of a mountain covered in monkeys,” he said.

Courtesy of Geckos Adventures

Other examples of workouts intended to create memories a treadmill never could are biking through the old city of Bangkok, hiking North America's national parks, running along the romantic Seine River in Paris, and speed-walking the steepest streets of San Francisco

And when all else fails, Price likes to lace up his sneakers and go for a run upon landing in a new place: “I personally love to look at running apps for popular and safe routes around a city so I can head out and explore,” he said, adding that he uses MapMyRun, Strava, and Runkeeper

If the adrenaline rush, health benefits, and guilt-free vacation eating aren't enough to get you out there, just think about the next-level Instagram envy your biking expedition around the Xi’an city walls will inspire back home.