Credit: Samantha Nicol Art Photography/Getty Images

Last year, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that “goat yoga” was a thing at the No Regrets Farm in Albany, Oregon.

And we weren't the only ones: About 900 people are currently on its waiting list, the farm’s owner, Lainey Morse, told Oregon Live.

The idea came to Morse during a children’s birthday party, when a visitor brought up that the farm would be a great space for yoga.

The farm’s 360-degree views of the Coastal Mountains and Willamette Valley offer stunning views, while prancing baby goats provide a therapeutic environment for yoga practice.

The idea has been so popular it has inspired goat yoga clothing.

According to Oregon Live, Morse will no longer be able to hold the courses at the farm due to zoning regulations, but she is working with other venues to provide a variation of the goat yoga course.